Your cat has fetched your heart, and your life has changed forever!  Now you have a wonderful way to commemorate your family pet. 

It's whimsical, yet full of class.  This unique fill-in-the-blanks book gives cat owners the opportunity to chronicle their cat's life, written in first pawson (your kitty tells the story).   It will look fabulous on your coffee table.  

Topics include adoption information, veterinary visits, grooming, playmates, potty habits, and much more. Space is provided to fill in information appropriate for individual situations and special pages for placing your own photos. Touching poems finish the final chapters along with condolence pages for friends and family to say their last good-byes.

It goes beyond the concept of a baby book.  This is your best friend's entire life story that you will treasure for a lifetime. You will want to revisit this journal often to reminisce on days gone by.  Remember, you'll have this until you meet again at the Rainbow Bridge

This keepsake will bring smiles and tears long after your cat is gone.  There is no better way to keep your kitty close to your heart forever!

Pssst...  It's a journal for you but really it's all about your beloved kitty.  

Every cat should have one!
Show your love and appreciation for all the cat people in your life!

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Bengal siamese  kitten cat himalayan ragdoll 
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The Cat Years of My Life    
Softcover, 8 x 10 inches          
First Edition, 2015        
ISBN 978-1518600807