Denise DeNicolo has lived an adventurous and very unpredictable lifestyle while her husband Philip served in the US Army as a Periodontist.  Denise was also an "Army Brat" and a veteran.  Denise's inspiration for these companion books were inspired by Georgie who were best pals.  Georgie departed from this life on July 28, 2006, leaving the DeNicolo family heart broken.  She was a big part of their lives and will be missed forever.  

Denise and Philip have six other children:  Angel, their human child, their three felines Oscar, Calvin and Layla, their shelter rescue dog, Schnookie, and their Doberman Archie.  

Georgie at 8 weeks
Georgie all dressed up in her pearls, expecting company.

Any resemblance that Georgie may have to another Doberman Pinscher
is purely coincidental and not intentional.

May 13, 2000 ~ July 28, 2006